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Tourist info Mostar


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A city which "wakes up with light for centuries"

The city of Mostar is fhe cultural, political and financial centre of Herzegovina. Already with fhe first encounter wifh this beautiful city, you will feel its diversity which makes it so special. Its charm rests in its streets interwoven with fhe spirit of many different civilizations which have dwelled here, the spirit felt in its numerous young and hospitable people and its architecture. This university centre of the region has always been and has remained fhe city of bridges and fhe city of youth.
Ivo Andric, world famous Nobel Prize winner once wrote: "When you spend a night in Mostar, it is not the sound that wakes you up in the morning, but - fhe Iight". Mostar is the city of flowers and greenery, famous for its blossorn. celebrated so many times by poets and poems, flowering sometimes as early as February and creating a strikingly beautiful and dreamy image that can offer only inspiration. Mostar has a very particular and pleasant Mediterranean climate that can be rarely found elsewhere. It lies at a distance of only 60 km from the Adriatic Sea.

In the city itself and in its vicinity there are many unice locations withhistorical and cultural treasures the most prominent beaing the Old Bridge, made stome and dating back to the Middle Ages , which joins the left and the right bank of the Herzegovinian pearl - the river Neretva. There ios some historical evidence testifying to the fact that life has continued in this region since pre-historic times. The oldest writtendocument mentioning Mostardates back to the 15th century.

s a city, Mostar has a complete urban infrstructre, road and railway transport and a modernairport. A number ao beautiful parks, sports terrains, museums, galleries and clubs make it an ideal place for living offering peaple positive axcitement that stays in their memory for long time.


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