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Herzegovina is a historical and geographical region in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina once called the Land of Hum, Zahumlje or simply Hum. It covers an area of about 10 000 km2 According to the 1991 census, Herzegovina had the population of 437 000 inhabitants.

As a natural region, it comprises of two micro-regions: lower (coastal or Adriatic) and higher (upper or highland) Herzegovina. The so called higher Herzegovina encompasses the river Neretva upper and middle basin, considerable section of the Dinaric region, mountains Velež, Volujak, Prenj, Čvrsnica and Crvanj, as well as the famous Nevesinje and Gacko karst plains. The lower or Adriatic Herzegovina stretches around the lower course of the river Neretva and the basins of rivers Bregava and Trebižat. It includes the large Popovo plain, Mostarsko plain and valley, and Trebinjsko plain.

With its sub-Mediterranean and Mediterranean climate, Herzegovina is one of those regions where Mediterranean fruit and vegetables thrive. Many people call it "California" of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Grape vine, figs, peaches, tangerines, apples, pomegranate, olives and other varieties are successfully grown here, including medicinal herbs such as sage, heather, immortelle, etc.

Because of its mild climate, Herzegovina is the largest and the only producer of grapes and wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sheer quantity and quality of grapes from the two autochthonous varieties, Žilavka and Blatina, which have long ago acclimated to this region, is unparalleled anywhere else. Herzegovina is the land of sun and rocks, and its glades and vales are covered with shrubs and trees such as thorn-bush, oak, ash, common rnaple, juniper and pine trees. To each passer-by this ambiance offers unforgettable scenes and atmosphere pleasing both the eyes and the soul.
As a historical region, Herzegovina offers a great number of historical sights such as the Old Town in Mostar, Počitelj, B1agaj, Mogorjelo, Radimlja, the fortress in Ljubuški, etc. Herzegovinian museums store many archaeological finds and fossils from ancient history. It is precisely because of this that Herzegovina offers to each of its guests a "walk" through time.

The capital of Herzegovina is Mostar which together with Međugorje - the famous pilgrimage site, the seaside resort Neum and other attractions make this region one of the most attractive ones in the southeast Europe.
Herzegovina is known for its rich gastronomic offer of the domestic, autochthonous products. The goal is to make gastronomic offer of Herzegovina as one of the known brand due to which tourists will gladly visit Herzegovina.



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