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Rafting on the Neretva river

Neretva is fast, sparkling, green and very clear river. At last ten years rafting on this beautiful river, admired its huge expansion.  

The most interesting rafting-tour is driven from Glavaticevo to Konjic with  a few wild  sections. River Neretva is one of the most attractive rivers in Europe. Track is long about 23 cilometers and sailing is last about five hours.

While you are on the craft you can see wonderful and authentic canyon and cascades. While they are sailing, people on the craft can enjoy and relax. They also can see wonderful parts of Big and Small canyon, untapped nature! While you are on the craft you must go through four adrenaline ravines, where the  next one is more extreme than previous one. Drivers which navigates on crafts are trained professionals who will for sure give rise you to  your destination. For people who wants high dish of adrenalin, appropriately time for rafting are April and May because water is very high at that time..

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