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Dervish tekki


The first zawiyyah on the source of the river Buna was built by der­vishes belonging to the Bektashi order in about 1470. In the 18th century the tekke was to become a meeting place for members of the Khalwatiyyah order. All that now survives is the residentiai building of the tekke musafirhana and the turbe containing two graves mar­ked by wooden coffins: the tomb of Shaikh Ačik-pasha (Muhamed Hindi) and that of Sari-Saltuk.

The influence of the baroque is to be seen in the shape of the roof and decorative features, the gable of the main facade, the corbels of the uprights, the treatment of the ceiling in the first-floor room, etc. Since nature forms part of ritual, the cliffs and water by the. Blagaj tekke form an inseparable part of the religious ensemble.

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