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Regional museum Konjic


It was established on March in 2011. It exists as a part of the institution-National University of Konjic. It is a place where you can find huge number of different and ancient exhibits which makes this place special and attractive for every man.

Constant exhibition of different themes, especially  thematic exhibitions, are something  what represents real attraction for local and foreign tourists, school tours and many others lovers of traditional culture and customs of people which lives in this part of BiH from ancient times. Constant exhibition picture is contain the following titles: ethno collection, Art Gallery, Archaelogist collection, Native house of „Zulfikar Zuko Džumhur“, Library of heritage collection .

It is one of departments of Heritage Museum of Konjic and it contains authentic furniture made by  people whosw profession is wood-carving. That furniture is decorated by beautiful traditional motives, and by original costumes which was belonged to Zuko Dzumhur; there is also a authentic literary corpus –  published and unpublished texts of  Zuko Dzumhur, of his family. In this place you also can see many photographies of Zuko's friends, of writers whom he met through his life.  Within the framework of wisiting the Heritage Museum, visiting of Native house of Zuko  Dzumhur is organised by wishes of guests.

Additional Info

  • Address: Varda 1
  • Town: Konjic
  • Phone: +387 036 727 080
  • Fax: +387 036 726 166
  • Opening hours: 09:00-16:30h
  • Additional Info: Monday-Sunday

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Turistička zajednica HNŽ/HNK
Address: Dr. Ante Starčevića bb
Phone: +387 36 355 090
Fax : 387 36 355 096


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