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Neretva river


Neretva river is 225 km long and mostly it is flowing through the Bosnia and Herzegovina (203 km), and partly, before it reach in the Adriatic  Sea, through  Croatia  (22  km). Neretva springs under the mountains Apple in BiH. It  springs  in  the  high  mountainous regions  in  the  Herzegovina  and  this river mostly  has the characteristics of  mountain rivers. Because of these characteristics on the Neretva  river  are  built  hydro:  Jablanica, Grabovica, Salakovac, Mostar.

On its way to the Adriatic Neretva river flows through some of the most beautiful cities: Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Capljina, Pocitelj. It is known for its emerald-green color, it is so clean and in headwaters it is safe for drinking.  Neretva River drained into the Adriatic Sea. In the  Neretva river lives so many kinds of fishes. Some of them are: trout, gera, eels, cipolla.

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