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Lukomir is village on Bjelasnica and it is the highest settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at 1472  m  above  sea  level.  Village  preserved its   ethnic-features, visited by many tourists due to its authenticity and surrounding nature. It can be reached from the direction of Sarajevo and Konjic as well. It administratively belongs to Konjic municipality.

Everyone  who  climbs  on  a  small  hill  above furthermost houses in the village is left breathless by  the  astonishing  view  at  long  ridge  of mountain Visočica, whose edge falls steeply into almost  1000  meters  deep  canyon  of  river Rakitnica. 
Lukomir  is  well  known  for  its traditional clothing, and women still wear knitted garments that used to be worn centuries ago..

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