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Nature park Blidinje

Mountain beauties Vran and Čvrsnica have nestled in their bosoms, at a height of 1200 m a.s.I., a gorgeous and fertile B1idinje plain and lake. Rich landscape and diverse flora, ranging from Mediterranean to highland species, many of which are endemic, make this area a special eco reserve.

Among many animals inhabiting Nature Park Blidinje, it is important to mention "the forest king", the brown bear and the" ornament" of Mount Čvrsnica peaks, the chamois. The rich historical remains are visible everywhere: Illyrian mounds, Roman roads, ru¬ins of medieval churches, necropolises of "stecak" tombstones and mountain houses from recent and late history.

Two legendary characters "watch over" this nature park: one is Mijat Tomić (an outlaw from folk tales) who acts as a guardian against tyranny and violence and the other one is Diva Grabovčeva, Croatian martyr and virgin living in the 17th century, who prays for the preservation of virgin beauties. Truly, it is very difficult to resist the beauty of this vigorous and intact nature where a man can rest his soul and body and admire fhe exquisiteness of unforgettable scenery.

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