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Jablanicko lake

Jablanicko lake is artificial accumulated lake, that extends from Konjic to Jablanica, it attracts swimmers and anglers, and it's perfect for water sports.

Surface of lake is 13 km2, with maximum depth of 70m. It's beauty has attracted many tourists, and has long been known as a weekend resort for tourists from all over the world. 5 km upstream from the town Jablanica, Jablanica lake was created in 1953 year, with construction of a dam on the Neretva.

The height of the dam is 80 meters and the lake is extending upstream from Konjic. Maximum length is about 30 km. Surface of the lake is 1440 ha, a volume about 290 hml at the maximum fulfillment water. Maximum depth is 80 meters and water level fluctuations are up to 25 meters.  The lake is rich with various fish, like: Trout, Lettuce, Scraper, Carp, etc.

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